More stuff will be coming for this adventure soon if you’ve been keeping tabs!

And also coming soon will be a “Christian/Atheist” playthrough challenge that I will be doing with one of my friends!

Aphrodite the Shinx! Can’t use her until we catch her a partner, but that won’t take too long I bet!

Hello, Artemis! Welcome to the team!
As the first female, you’re paired with Break the Chimchar :3

It’s time for a Pokemon Wedlocke!

Alright, so you all know what a Nuzlocke is, right?

Well, a Wedlocke is the same thing! Just with a few altered rules!

Without further ado, I’m going to list the nuzlocke, wedlocke, and my added on rules for this game!

Nuzlocke Rules:

  • I can only catch the first Pokemon you see on a route. If I fail to catch this Pokemon, you must continue onwards.
  • If any of my Pokemon faint, they are considered dead and cannot be used again.
  • I must nickname everything I catch

Wedlocke Rules:

  • Pokemon must be/battle in pairs. This means male + female pairs.
  • I can only catch the first eligible Pokemon in an area. Meaning
  1. Generless Pokemon cannot be caught. Ever.
  2. If I have 1, 3, or 5 Pokemon, I must ignore any Pokemon of a gender that I have an uneven number of.
  3. Dupes Clause is brought into effect in this nuzlocke. Meaning if I have already caught the Pokemon before, it does not count as an encounter on the route.
  • Pokemon are “partnered”, meaning they must fight in pairs.
  1. If a Pokemon faints in battle, their partnerĀ must avenge them.
  2. In a double battle, Pokemon must and only battle with their partner. (There is, of course, an exception for tag-team/battles where you are cooperating with another trainer.)
  3. If a Pokemon’s partner dies, it can gain a new partner, whether it be a new Pokemon caught or one from the PC.

My added on rules:

  • My Pokemon’s names must be themed. This is something I adopted from watching other Nuzlockes. The themes for this nuzlocke are recycled from my SoulSilver one:
  1. Males will be named after Wonderland/Wonderland themed characters. This includes being named after characters from Black Butler, HnKnA, Pandora Hearts, etc.
  2. Females will be named after Greek/Roman gods.
  • If I get stuck, I am allowed to use Pokemon with HMs, but NOT in battle, only in the overworld.

And that’s it! My Nuzlocke rules! The game’s about to start, hope you all enjoy this adventure with me!